21st Century Classroom Tools

Class Goal/Objective for

 Session 5:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore Interactive white boards and Skype as 21st Century classroom tools and apply their knowledge and understanding of this 21st Century skill to create an activity using either one of these tools.

Quote for the Session: Marzano-Study.jpg

Activities for Objective:

1. Delicious Bookmarking
  • Search Delicious bookmarks and find 5 sites on Interactive White Boards OR Skype.
  • Bookmark the sites under the Call number for class: EDUC699

2. Bit Strips Sharing: Bit Strip
  • Share your Bit Strips Cartoon
  • Add the Cartoon to YOUR (pk-doane.wikispaces.com is mine) wikispace
  • Either a link or the actual image (screen capture such as GRAB on Macs works well)

3. Skype:
  • Create a Skype account if you do not have one.
  • Add your Skype account name to the Google Doc directory (and also your password/logon page)
  • We will practice connecting to others.
  • How might Skype be used in the classroom? (answer this under the discussion tab and then read the responses of your classmates)

4. Communication & Collaboration Tools: Share a communication or collaboration tool that you use in your classroom--this is an informal share.

5. Interactive White Boards as 21st Century Tools:

Assignment for Next Week:

1. Add a 21st Century Resources & Tools Wiki page to YOUR Doane Portolio page
  • Put a title on the page (the title will be 21st Century Classroom Tools)
  • Add a graphic or image to the page (your choice--if you don't know what to use search 21st century skills in Google)
  • Include the following tools: Skype and Interactive White Boards and put links (3-5) to information about these tools.
  • Write a short description of what each of these tools are and how you might use them in the classroom.
  • Write a short summary of how these tools might be used in your curricular area and what 21st Century Skills could be addressed by their use in the classroom.

2. Make sure you have added your bookmarks to Delicious (see activity above)

3. Navigate to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Web Site and begin mining the site
  • find one thing (it can be a lesson idea, a reading, a resource, etc.) that peaks your interest (it can be from your subject area or something that you could adapt to your subject area) to share with others next week.
  • Add a link to what you found on your wikispace (you decide where it fits best.