21st Century Skills Content ~ Science

Session: March 23, 2010

Class Goal/Objective

for Session 9:

In this class session, class participants will share lesson ideas in the content area of science and reflect on where the activities fit in the ICT literacy map for 21st Century skills. (as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills."

Quote for the Session: (at right)


Links Used:

Activities for Objective:

Assignment for March 30th: (Work Night for Social Studies & Language Arts--Due on April 6th)21st.jpg

  • Delicious Web Sites: as you complete your work, add 3-5 bookmarks to Delicious (EDUC699 tag) for Social Studies & Language Arts
  • Complete a Page to Your Wikispace for the Social Studies and Language Arts Areas
  • Revisit tools you could use: (from previous weeks--Google Docs, spreadsheet or forms, smart searching, Bit Strips, Wikispaces, content area links, etc.) and use those that are helpful to the content area
    • Include Class/Topic Date
    • Objective of your share: student objective for the activity you share
    • Materials needed
    • Include 3 links or resources used (although you can add more if you would like)
    • Short 3-5 sentence summary/overview of your share on the focus area. Include enough information so that a person who was not in class would know what you presented.
    • 21st Century Skill Addressed: Use your framework provided the first night or the 21st Century Partnership site
    • (this page should look like a short lesson plan if that helps)