21st Century Skills in YOUR Content Area21st.jpg

(Math, Science, English, and Music)

Session: November 3rd
Feedback Needed for Course Planning

Class Goal/Objective for Session 8:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore 21st Century Skills Maps in their individual content areas and make connections to their existing course content.

Quote for the Session:

"We need to replicate in the classroom the world in which students are living." --John Dewey

Links Used:

Activities for Objective:

  • Catch-Up for those who missed class for conferences: (Tina & Mindy)
    • Share their web 2.0 tool with the group
    • Google Doc on Global Skills (add your definition & idea)
    • Review the Global Literacy Page from last week
    • Add feedback to 2 classmates reaction/reflection #2 (on their individual wikispaces)

  • Partnership Maps & Resources in Content Areas
    • Print copy & link to electronic copies ( Partnership for 21st Century Skills)
    • Create a page on your wiki for your content area--call it 21st Century Your Curricular Area (ie...math, English, science, music, etc.)
    • From the provided 21st Century Map--select four of the 21st Century Skills for special emphasis (you pick the four)
    • Include the following for each of the four areas selected:
      • 1. The 21st Century Skill that is addressed
      • 2. The student outcome of the lesson/activity/idea
      • 3. Grade level for the activity
      • 4. Sample activity that will fit in your existing curriculum. This activity can be something that you already do or something that you plan to do. At least two of the four activities that you describe must include technology in some way. It may or may not include some of the tools that we have talked about or used in class such as Skype, Google Docs, Bit Strips, Word Sift, Wall Wisher, YouTube Quick Capture, other web 2.0 tools you have discovered, etc. A short description similar to the ones included on the 21st Century Skills Map is adequate.

  • Wikispace Final Requirements Discussion & Checklist (we will go over this in class)
  • Feedback on Additional Tools or Resources to Include or Revisit Based on Interest

Assignment for Next Week:

  • Last Article/Reflection is due on December 1st
  • Wikispace portfolio is due on November 17th--tonight's addition (above) is the last entry to that site.
  • Begin adding some "polish" to the wikispace portfolio and what you want to "highlight" for presenting your wikispace of ideas to the group.
  • Next Week (November 10th) your will present your 21st Century Skills wiki page and ideas to the class and then have work time to finish up your wikispace/portolio