21st Century Skills Content ~ Social Studies

Session: April 6, 2010

Class Goal/Objective for Session 11:

In this class session, class participants will share lesson ideas in the content area of social studies and reflect on where the activities fit in the ICT literacy map for 21st Century skills. (as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills)

Quote for the Session:

"It is today that we must begin creating the future."~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Links to Ideas for Social Studies & 21st Century Skills:

Activities for Objective:

  • ICT Literacy Map: ictmap_ss.pdf ~ ictmap_geo.pdf
  • Nebraska STARS Standards (revision upcoming in 2011-2012?): STARSocialStudiesStandards_003.pdf
  • Lesson and Idea Sharing: (each class member will share the following)
    • Delicious Web Sites (3-5 in Delicious)
    • Class members Wikispace page for Social Studies includes:
      • Technology Tools Used
      • Objective of the Lesson/idea
      • Overview of materials needed
      • Links shared on your Wikispace
      • Lesson Idea share
      • 21st Century Skill Addressed