Learning & Innovation Skills: Communication & Collaboration Focus

Session: September 9, 2010

Class Goal/Objective for

 Session 4:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore Communication & Collaboration and apply their knowledge and understanding of this 21st Century skill to create an activity they can use in their classroom to address these skills.

Quote for the Session:
"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, but working together in collaboration is success."
- Henry Ford

Activities for Objective:

1. Delicious Bookmarking
  • Search Delicious bookmarks and find 5 sites on 21st Century Skills, Communication Skills or Collaboration.
  • Bookmark the sites under the Call number for class: EDUC699

2. Activity Sharing
  • Where does the activity you shared (and the ones others in class shared) fit in the 21st Century Framework? (add this to the discussion tab of the wiki) Partnership for 21st Century Skills

3. Reading/TED Video for Class:
  • Create a Wiki page on YOUR WIKI--call the page Reaction/Reflection
  • Add a link or citation to what you read or viewed at the top
  • Add your summary and reflection on this wiki page (as part of your assignment for next week)
  • I'll be asking for permission to join your wiki so I can add comments on your discussion tab

4. Communication & Collaborative Tools Demonstration:
  • Bit Strips acute_angle_comic.jpg
    • create an account and add logon information to your folder
    • Demo and sample created together
    • Handout on Bit Strips: Bit Strips Directions.doc

  • Skype: http://www.skype.com
    (add your account information in our class directory in Google Docs)
  • Add a page to YOUR Wiki and call it Communication & Collaboration
    • Add the 21st Century Skills Framework Graphic (I'll be showing you how)
    • Include on this page links to Communication and Collaboration Tools (ones from class or other you like to use)
    • Explain the 21st Century Skill of Communication and Collaboration

5. Interactive White Boards as 21st Century Tools:

Assignment for Next Week:

  1. Finish your Reaction/Reflection wikipage. Include the citation/link, summary and reflection on the wiki.
  2. Either create a Bit Strip cartoon for something you are doing with one of your classes, or use it with your students. Put a link (or the image) on the Communication and Collaboration page of your wiki.
  3. Put a video widget on one of your wiki pages (we will probably be able to complete this in class together)
  4. Completion of your Communication & Collaboration wiki page (see above)
  5. Come prepared to share in class next week a communication or collaboration tool that you use or could use in your classroom to communication or collaborate.