Session: January 26, 2010

Class Goal/Objective for Session 2:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore 21st Century Themes and discuss and apply the concepts to current units of study in their classrooms.

Quote for the Session:

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

-- Alvin Toffle
Links Used:

Activities for Objective:

  • Using the Class Reading for Week 1: How to Bring Schools Out of the 20th Century we will create a Google Document together than includes the requirements or reading in this course.
  • KWL Information in Wikispace Discussion Tab (from last week)
  • River of Change Card Sort Activity: Each member of class will be helping the group sort cards into a river of change, they will put themselves, their students and their schools somewhere in the river.
  • Gallery Walk: two stations (21st Century Skills) that includes activities and readings
  • Intro to Wikispaces: (We will be doing the creation piece together. You will be adding a bulk of the content tonight (1-26-2010) and adding to it this week as part of your assignment)

  1. Create an education site in Wikispaces: (education sites do not contain advertising) Add this account information to the one you created for Google Docs last week.
  2. Add the following pages with the following content:
    1. Main Page:
      1. Links that are helpful to you, Partnership for 21st Century Skills Link
      2. Your three words for 21st Century Skills
      3. 21st Century Skills Overview (you will be writing this over the course of the semester)
    2. Google Docs Page:
      1. Link to Google Docs
      2. Description in your own words of what it is
      3. Application: How you are going to use this in your classroom/subject area description/lesson idea
      4. 21st Century Skill Addressed
      5. Link to Your Google Form
    3. Smart Searching Page
      1. Link to Google
      2. Description of why students need to learn "smart searching skills"
      3. Application: How are you going to use this with students/lesson idea
      4. 21st Century Skill Addressed

Assignment for Next Week:

  • Finish your article reaction by Friday, January 29, 2010.
  • Finish up on the three pages of your Wikispace above if you have not already done so
  • In the discussion tab of the class Wikispace (this page) add YOUR THREE WORDS for 21st Century Learning
  • Reading for Class: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrantsby Marc Prensky We will be completing an activity using this article in class next week--you can print this article if you would like, or you can read it on-line.