21st Century Web 2.0 Tools Sharing & Global Literacy Skills

Class Goal/Objective for

 Session 7:

  • In this class session, class participants will share web 2.0 tools that can be used in the 21st Century classroom and apply their knowledge and understanding to share how the tool will be used in their classroom. Tools will be aligned to the 21st Century framework.
  • Class participants will also apply knowledge of global literacy skills from the 21st Century Framework.

Quote for the Session:

“… the world's corporate and political leadership is undertaking a restructuring of global politics and economics that may prove as historically significant as any event since the Industrial Revolution. This restructuring is happening at tremendous speed...”

-International Forum on Globalization (http://www.ifg.org/) Accessed 11-27-01

Activities for Objective:

1. Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Share class requirements spreadsheet
  • Access and check points assigned, explain totals.

2. Reflection/Reading Feedback & Peer Feedback
  • Navigate to two classmates wiki spaces and read through their article summary and reaction.
  • Request permission to join their wiki
  • Add peer feedback to their summary in the discussion tab

3. Web 2.0 tools:Share the web 2.0 tool you plan to use in your classroom/for your work.
  • Share the activity with the group--this can be something that is helpful to your personally or an activity that you plan to use with students.
  • Share the page you added to your wikispace on the web 2.0 tool you have selected. Check to make sure you have included the following:
    • Name of tool/site
    • Web site/link
    • Image or picture to enhance the visual appearance of the page
    • Summary of the tool and what it does
    • Example of how you have used or will use the tool for your curricular area or classroom
    • Class participants should request permission to join each person's wiki and add feedback under the discussion tab for the web 2.0 tool

globalliteracy-logo_150.gif4. Data Mining on Global Literacy Skills
  • Spend 10-15 minutes on the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Web Site and form a 2-3 sentence definition of global literacy skills as defined by the 21st Century Partnership.
  • Classroom Google Doc: (this will be shared with all class members)
    • Each class member will add their 2-3 sentence definition of global literacy skills to the Google Doc (each participant chooses a different font color)
    • Add your subject area to the Google Doc along with your name.
    • Each class member will "brainstorm" an idea or activity for how global literacy skills might be incorporated into the curricular area taught by each class member
    • Each class member will add a page to their wikispace for Global Literacy Skills that will include the following:
      • Their definition of Global Literacy Skills formed from the definitions shared on the Google Doc.
      • A picture or image that you believe captures the idea of global literacy skills.
      • Include 4-5 ideas for teaching global literacy skills in your classroom. These ideas can be ones that class members have shared with you, or ones that you explore and develop on your own.

Assignment for Next Week:

1. Complete the Global Literacy Skills activities above that you did not get completed during class time.

2. Continue to work on your wikispace to add images and content that captures what you know and understand about 21st Century Skills. Add links, text, images and videos that share your knowledge of 21st Century Skills.