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Session: March 2, 2010

Class Goal/Objective for Session 7:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore the information, communication and technology maps from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and apply their knowledge to classroom lessons.

Quote for the Session:

"Technology in the hands of a gifted teacher is very powerful. Technology in the hands of those less gifted can get in the way of learning."~ Pam Krambeck, 2010

Six Revisions Article on Creativity:

Links Used:

Activities for Objective:

  • Reading/Reflection Sharing: Six Revisions Article on Creativity (carry over from last week)
  • ICT Literacy Map Activity: Link to ICT Literacy Map
  • Review Individual Wikispace/Portfolio Requirements from Each Week (Link on left)
  • Skype Communication Tool: Set-up and Practice with Skype (Communication and Collaboration Focus)
  • Planning and Discussion Time: (we will be planning in class tonight--I'll add content to this Wikispace based on the information collected in the brainstorming activity)
    • March 9th (no class)
    • March 16 Math Focus
    • March 23 Science Focus
    • March 30 Social Studies Focus
    • April 6 Language Arts Focus
    • April 13 Last Class--turn ins and evaluations
  • Delicious Web Sites: as you complete your work each week, add 3-5 bookmarks to Delicious (EDUC699 tag)
  • Add a Page to Your Wikispace for Each Focus Area (math, science, social studies, language arts)
  • Revisit tools you could use: (from previous weeks--Google Docs, spreadsheet or forms, smart searching, Bit Strips, Wikispaces, content area links, etc.) and use those that are helpful to the content area.

Assignment for March 16th:

  • Review requirements for your Wikispace Portfolio Requirements and make sure you are caught up--finish/polish pages that you have completed.
  • Create a Page placeholder for your Wikispace/Portfolio for Each Focus Area: (we will do this together)
    • Include Class/Topic Date
    • Objective of your share: student objective for the activity you share
    • Materials needed
    • Include 3 links or resources used (although you can add more if you would like)
    • Short 3-5 sentence summary/overview of your share on the focus area. Include enough information so that a person who was not in class would know what you presented.
    • 21st Century Skill Addressed: Use your framework provided the first night or the 21st Century Partnership site
    • (this page should look like a short lesson plan if that helps)