Web 2.0 Tools for the 21st Century ClassroomDigital_Blooms.JPG

Class Goal/Objective for

 Session 6:

  • In this class session, class participants will explore web 2.0 tools that can be used in the 21st Century classroom and apply their knowledge and understanding to create an activity for their classroom.

Quote for the Session: "My vision of school/classroom 2.0 is, more than anything else, about conversations. Traditional schools involved teachers and textbooks delivering information to students, and students reflecting that information back. To better serve their future, today’s classrooms should facilitate teaching and learning as a conversation — two-way conversations between teachers and learners, conversations between learners and other learners, conversations among teachers, and new conversations between the classroom and the home and between the school and its community."
~ David Warlick

Activities for Objective:

1. Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Share class requirements spreadsheet
  • Access and check points assigned, explain totals.

2. Delicious Bookmarking
  • Search Delicious bookmarks and find 5 sites on web 2.0 tools for use in your curricular area
  • Bookmark the sites under the Call number for class: EDUC699

3. Sharing of Partnership Site--"mining" results
  • Share with the group
  • Make sure you have added a link to the site from you wikispace.

4. Work Time:

Assignment for Next Week:

1. Web 2.0 tools:
  • Explore web 2.0 tools available using the following web sites:
  • Bookmark sites that will be helpful in the future
  • Select one web 2.0 tool to use in your classroom/for your work.
  • Prepare an activity to share with the group next week using your web 2.0 tool--this can be something that is helpful to your personally or an activity that you plan to use with students.
  • Add a page to your wikispace on the web 2.0 tool you have selected. Include the following:
    • Name of tool/site
    • Web site/link
    • Image or picture to enhance the visual appearance of the page
    • Summary of the tool and what it does
    • Example of how you have used or will use the tool for your curricular area or classroom

2. Article Review/Reflection:
  • Complete a reading/reflection for next week on the topic of Web 2.0 tools.
  • Much has been written about these tools and their use in the classroom.
  • Make sure you include a summary of the information presented and also your reaction.
  • Create a page on your wikispace for this review/reflection and name it Reaction-Reflection.