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This course is intended to assist teachers in integrating 21st Century Skills into existing curriculum. Participants will complete activities, readings and assignments that demonstrate knowledge of 21st Century Skills. Knowledge of 21st Century Skills will be applied in the development of a lesson portfolio that demonstrates the integration of 21st Century Skills in the classroom.

Meeting Dates:

  • September 1, 8, 15*, 22, 29
  • October 6, 13, 20, 27
  • November 3, 10, 17 (class does not meet on November 24)
  • December 1


  1. Explore 21st Century Skills and apply their knowledge to lessons and activities in their classroom
  2. Design lessons that integrate 21st century skills
  3. Create 21st century skills projects that may be implemented in the classroom
  4. Demonstrate an ability to use 21st century skills and tools in an integrated fashion to support teaching, learning, and student achievement
  5. Review online readings related to 21st century skills and reflect on their instructional impact
  6. Understand the changing needs of “21st Century Learners” and develop lessons that meet the changing needs of students

Syllabus: Syllabus for Doane.pdf